Friday, February 12, 2016

TFS Build vNext–Build tasks cannot handle spaces in repository path

I’m a big fan of the new build system in TFS. However it’s still a learning process for me. After adding the NuGet Packager task, my build failed with the following error message:

1.  T02:04:25.2941286Z Creating Nuget Arguments:
2.  2016-02-08T02:04:25.3019414Z --ARGS: pack d:\b\3\_work\1c61834d\my demo project\NugetSpecs\test1.csproj.nuspec -OutputDirectory d:\b\3\_work\1c61834d\demo -Properties Configuration=Release -version 2016.2.8.1
3.  2016-02-08T02:04:25.3029180Z Invoking nuget with pack d:\b\3\_work\1c61834d\my demo project\NugetSpecs\test2.csproj.nuspec -OutputDirectory d:\b\3\_work\1c61834d\demo -Properties Configuration=Release -version 2016.2.8.1
4.  2016-02-08T02:04:25.3029180Z D:\b\3\agent\worker\tools\NuGet.exe pack d:\b\3\_work\1c61834d\my demo project\NugetSpecs\demo3.csproj.nuspec -OutputDirectory d:\b\3\_work\1c61834d\demo -Properties Configuration=Release -version 2016.2.8.1
5.  2016-02-08T02:04:28.3342844Z pack: invalid arguments.
6.  2016-02-08T02:04:28.3391674Z usage: nuget pack <nuspec | project> [options]
The generated Nuget Pack command is indeed incorrect. Why? Because the task didn’t escape the path to my .nuspec file correctly. As highlighted in yellow, you could see that the path contains some whitespaces. 
I was planning to fix the issue, but thanks to the power of open source, someone already fixed the specific task:

But how do I get this updated task on my on premise TFS server?

Here are the steps you need to take:
  • Download and install the TFX command line tool using NPM:
    • npm install -g tfx-cli
  • Before you can use the TFX tool with your on premise TFS server, you have to enable basic authentication:
  • Clone the vso-agent-tasks repository on your local file system
    • Find the path to the task you want to upload
    • In our case this is c:\github\vso-agent-tasks\tasks\NugetPackager
  • Run the TFX tool and specify the path of the specific task
    • ~$ tfx build tasks upload --task-path c:\github\vso-agent-tasks\tasks\NugetPackager
  • You can check that the task is uploaded succesfully by executing the following command
    • ~$ tfx build tasks list

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